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Welcome To The Captain Geech And The Shrimp Shack Shooters Official Website
(Under Construction Of Coarse)

For All Ye Scurvy Buccaneers Who Be Lookin To Go On A Voyage...

Filled With Rum, Swords, and Cannons...

You've Come To The Right Place.

Be Prepared To Face Near Death As You Travel To 420 Longitude To The Island Of Atlantis. Where We Never Got Scallywag Shwag, But Always Got Our Kinda Gold!!

10-26-04 Ahoy! My god it has been a long time since the last update...So let's go over the situation at hand. Captain Geech And The Shrimp Shack Shooters unofficially broke up in the month of August. Then recently we decided to Re-unite and keep on rockin, for reasons unknown. I'm sure many were happy that we were gone, but im sure there are at least one or two who are glad we're back. And for those of you who are mad we are back, FUCK YOU! YOU CAN EXPECT TO BE GEECH'D SOMETIME VERY SOON, BECAUSE TRUST ME WE'VE GOT ENOUGH FLYERS TO LAST US A YEAR! Anyway, now that thats over with, Be sure to keep checking back for info, we have many options right now that we are considering and may be bringing in a Trumpet, Trombone and a Tenor Sax! That's not for sure yet though, Not to mention talk of Shows, new songs, and Geechings, It should be a good year. ARR.
- Captain Geech

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Site Is Finally Up!!! (Very Shitty, But Up)

7-30-04 Well, havent updated this thing in a while, the last show was a bust, it wwas full of hardcore people, definatly not our scene. But, hopefully we will be havin some shows soon.
- Captain Geech

6-6-04 Well The Show Went Good Despite The Small Turnout, I had A Kick Ass Time, And The Other Bands Were Good, Go Alpha Male!!! That Guy Was Great! Anyway, No New Shows For A Little While, But Keep Checkin Back For Info...Also, Sign The Pirates Log!
- Captain Geech

6-3-04 ShOW!ShOW! ShOW!
Friday, June 4th, 6:30PM.
(Not Bad)
Good Samaritan First United Methodist Church...
960 W. Army Trail Rd. Addison, IL
6 Bands, I Dont Know When We Play,
Come See Everyone!
Expect A Kick Ass Show!
- Captain Geech

6-2-04 Well, First Off I'de Like To Thank Everyone Who Attended Battle Of The Bands (well everyone who came out to support us that is) It Was Our First Show, And We Placed Fourth, Not Bad, Not Bad At All...Be On The Look-Out For Geech Shows All This Summer, But As Of Now, No Info On That. Keep On Rockin
- Captain Geech




Captain Geech!!

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